Specification :

controls mounted on separate pedestall to prevent shock, power, start and counter
counter push-button; count setting and push-button reset
motor 1/3 hp with belt guards
hammer 10 lb. (4.54 kg) weight with 18″ (457 mm) drop circular face
lever with retaining pin catches and lifts hammer
pedestal two clamps studs for moldd clamp ring. separate guide pins for 4″ (101 mm) and 6″ (152 mm) mold
mold holder clamp ring with knurfed nuts for 4″ (101 mm)diameter mold
Compaction Foot Diameter 98.52mm
Sliding Weight 4535 gr
Height of Drop 457 mm
Weight 224 kg
Power 220 – 240 V. 50Hz. 1 ph